Tenda Wellbeing Seniors'
600g box of 30 x 20g single serve sachets

经AQ Assured验证的产品特性

  • 环保认证
  • 新西兰制造

Quality and Safety Procedures Audited

Official Verifiers recognised by New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries audit:
  • Manufacturing Risk Management Programmes every three months to ensure standards are being met
  • Continuously audit the farmers, processors and packaging facilities to ensure that standards are being maintained

Laboratory Tested

Tenda Wellbeing products are tested at each step in the production process, from raw milk collection, during the drying and blending process, and again finally upon completion of the final product, as follows:
  • A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for the milk that goes into Tenda Wellbeing products
  • Once blended, Tenda perform full Nutritional Informational Panel (NIP) and harmful bacteria testing
  • Finished product testing is undertaken by an accredited third party laboratory to ensure the final product complies with Chinese requirements and Tenda’s Risk Management Program (RMP)
  • Further tests include melamine, other contaminants and antibiotics

Made under New Zealand Government Regulations

New Zealand has Acts and Regulations in place to ensure all dairy products produced are safe for consumers and that manufacturers use fair and sustainable practices. 

All companies involved in the production, manufacture, transport, packaging and/or storage of dairy products must comply with the Animal Products Act, 1999. This act requires that all of these companies operate a Risk Management Programme that is regularly externally audited to ensure compliance.

All milk suppliers must meet the New Zealand Animal Welfare regulations.

These regulations include:

  • No hormones or growth promotants are permitted
  • All food safety hazards must be controlled using Codex based HACCP principles
  • All chemicals used on a manufacturing site must be approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Hygiene standards for facilities, equipment and people must be met

Health Star Rating


Tenda Wellbeing products have a 5 star health rating as determined by the New Zealand ‘Health Star Food Rating System’. This means Tenda Wellbeing products are determined to have the highest rating for nutritional value.


Product contains active Howaru probiotics from du Pont of America. Each sachet contains live lactic Acid bacteria and Bifidobacteria. 

To maximise product benefit consumers are advised to refrain from using water above 40 degrees as high temperatures will deactivate the probiotics. 


Contains the following nutrients:

Wellbeing Senior Nutrition Panel

Calcium plays an essential role in the development of healthy bones and teeth, and the proper functioning of the heart.

Vitamin C aids collagen formation and helps maintain healthy gums and capillaries and a healthy immune system.

Vitamin E helps to prevent over-oxidization in the body.It is a key antioxidant, so it is important for a healthy heart and blood supply.

Phosphorus helps to build bones and teeth. It is also a building block of genetic material. 

Vitamin D enhances absorption of calcium for strong healthy bones.

Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant that helps maintain integrity of skin and mucus membranes. It is essential for healthy eye-sight and helps prevent macular degeneration of the retina in the elderly population.

Enviro-Mark Certified

Tenda's Enviro-mark certification is current and due for renewal on 8 December 2016.

Enviromark Gold

Tenda is Enviro-Mark certified. This means it has an independently audited environmental management system focused on preventing pollution, minimising waste, and ensuring the safe treatment and disposal of any waste.

Enviro-mark Level Guide

Five steps: 
Bronze - Scoping Environmental Management System and ensuring legislative compliance
Silver – Identifying and assessing environmental hazards and setting policy commitments
Gold - Setting and making environmental improvements and enhancing emergency prepraredness
Platinum - Monitoring, measurement, control of operations and training - formalising the systems you have implemented.
Diamond – Internal auditing and management review

Certified by independent auditors, with expert experience in environmental management systems. Enviro-Mark train and approve auditors to assess performance at each of the five programme steps.

Nz Map Christchurch

Tenda Formula is made and packaged in New Zealand.

The raw milk used in Tenda Formula is produced by cows in the Canterbury region of the South Island in New Zealand.

After collection, the milk travels a short distance to the drying plant in Canterbury where it is made into milk powder. 

Milk powder is blended at a factory in Nelson, incorporating probiotics that are sourced from the USA .

The blended powder is sent to Auckland, in the North Island of New Zealand where final packaging takes place.

The final product is sent to China where Tenda staff-members receive and forward it on for retail sale. No further processing or packaging occurs after Tenda Formula leaves New Zealand.

Animal Health and Welfare
All milk suppliers for Tenda Formula meet the New Zealand Animal Welfare standards governed by the Ministry of Primary Industries. 

Animal welfare policy and law in New Zealand is established and implemented with the aim of:
  • Supporting society's expectations for the welfare and humane treatment of animals
  • Addressing animal welfare risks
  • Promoting improved welfare outcomes

The Ministry for Primary Industries regularly monitor compliance to these standards.

The farmers' that supply the milk in Tenda’s products participate in Synlait’s Lead with Pride Programme. Certified members of this programme exceed the New Zealand Animal Welfare Standards and receive a premium price for their milk.