Traceability is a key part of ensuring the food and drinks we consume everyday are safe and of good quality

AsureQuality and our technology partners combines transparency and traceability to provide shoppers with a user friendly platform to better understand the when, where and how their food was made.

What is Traceability?

Product traceability is the ability to see a product’s movement record, from manufacturing, right through to the point of purchase. Traceability information is specific to journey of the individual product unit, and it differs from unit to unit, reflecting the reality of differences in post-production logistics and retailer stock rotation. 

Product traceability can provide further insights into;

  • Where and when the product was made
  • Batch specific manufacturing/ product information
  • The journey from the manufacturer to the retailer for every individual unit 
  • If a product has been recalled

AsureQuality and our partners provide cloud-based traceability information that can be easily accessed via a mobile phone.

If the product you are purchasing or have purchased has our mark on the packaging or label and a QR code, you can use this feature. Please refer to the product packaging for instructions.


Anti-counterfeit protection of products is provided by having a code with unique serialised data on the product packaging. This code provides verification of authenticity. Commonly referred to as “one pack, one code”, the serialized data is unique to each item.

If the product you are purchasing or have purchased has this feature, please refer to the product packaging for instructions.