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Company Information

Natureland is a New Zealand owned and operated family company producing a range of premium, convenient, ready-to-serve baby foods with a focus on quality and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Address: 10 Rakich Place, Henderson, Auckland 0612, New Zealand


Natureland Spaghetti Bolognese with NZ Beef (6+ months) is produced and packed in New Zealand.

Natureland holds a NZ Fernmark License (License No. 100260), which provides formal government recognition of New Zealand as the country of manufacture.

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Key Ingredients

Local Ingredients

Where possible Natureland sources its key ingredients locally with fruit, vegetables, beef and lamb grown on New Zealand's Orchards and Farms.

The produce is harvested during peak season for optimum flavour and nutritional value.

The beef and lamb are sourced from farms located throughout New Zealand.

Complies with Regulations

Natureland has established relationships with suppliers to ensure quality and continuity of supply.

All local and overseas suppliers must comply to strict standards detailed within Natureland's approved supplier programme as well as meeting all relevant Acts and Regulations to ensure compliance.

Safety QualitySafety & Quality

Food Safety Testing

Food Safety Natureland

Natureland products are checked throughout production to ensure compliance with the New Zealand Regulations. 

Testing is performed by a team of experienced and trained staff.

Produced Under New Zealand Government Regulations

New Zealand has Acts and Regulations in place to ensure all baby food products produced are safe for consumers and manufactured using fair and sustainable practices. 

This includes the requirement to operate under a recognised MPI registered and verified Risk Management Program (RMP) and comply with the requirements set out in the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code.


Natureland's facilities are audited against its Risk Management Programme (RMP) by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The Natureland manufacturing site is BRC certified, an internationally recognised mark of food safety and quality.

There are systems in place throughout Natureland's entire supply chain to ensure that each pouch of baby food meets high standards of safety and quality.

Select any part of the supply chain to view the assurances at each step.

The Farm

Trusted Suppliers

  • Natureland has established trusted relationships with its suppliers to ensure consistency of supply.
  • Wherever possible, ingredients are sourced locally from farms and orchards throughout New Zealand.
  • Each supplier must demonstrate high standards of quality against Natureland’s approved supplier programme.
  • Each ingredient is managed at the factory to ensure traceability and are checked for safety and quality before they are released for use.

The Factory

Factory Assurances

  • The factory operates under a Risk Management Program (RMP) where processes are regularly assessed by independent auditors to ensure compliance to New Zealand Regulations and Acts.
  • The factory additionally holds BRC (British Retail Consortium) Accreditation, an internationally recognised Food Safety and Quality Program.

Processing Assurances

  • Each recipe and batch is produced using customised, precise thermal processing methods to ensure safety, quality and consistency of flavour and texture.
  • To ensure compliance against operating procedures, critical steps including time, temperature and pressures of vessels are monitored throughout the process using calibrated equipment.
  • Samples are regularly taken from the production line and checked for quality and pouch integrity.
  • Each pouch is uniquely coded with the manufacturing time, production line number and best before dates.

Storage Assurances

  • The pouches are stored within Natureland’s own secure warehouse before being transported to the wharf.


The freight company ensure that the products are accompanied by all EAD (export accompanied documents) that is required by the importing country including:

  • customs documents
  • other documentation required by the importing country must be completed and approved before it can be loaded on board the ship.

The product is shipped to China and checked on arrival by China Customs.

China Customs check and confirm all requirements have been met and may test the product again prior to releasing it into their country.

Once cleared by customs the product is sent to the distribution warehouse.


  • Once the products arrive at the warehouse they are managed using barcoding and traceability systems.
  • No product leaves the warehouse until it receives a final quality check.
  •  Products are packed onto delivery trucks and distributed to online and retail stores.
  • Retailers ensure that the product is fresh by using good stock rotation, and checking the best before dates before selling the products to consumers.
  • The AsureQuality AQ Assured Verification Code can be scanned to be sure of the safety and quality measures undertaken throughout the product supply chain.

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Natureland Group

The Natureland range of baby food (6+ months) contain no artificial colours or flavours.

Natureland baby food pouches and have been specifically developed by a team of experts.

Available in a range of flavours and textures.

Contained in ready-to-serve BPA free pouches for convenient use and storage.