AQ Assured by AsureQuality, New Zealand's Government-owned food assurance company.

Meadow Fresh Full Cream 6.0g High Protein High Calcium UHT Milk


  • Certified grass-fed milk supply
  • Pasture raised, free range cows
  • Made from 100% pure New Zealand raw milk
  • Made with fresh milk (not milk powder)
  • High in calcium
  • High in protein (6.0g/100mL)
  • No added preservatives
  • Ultra high-temperature (UHT) milk
  • Ultrafiltration technology

This product is produced in New Zealand with fresh milk sourced from a Certified Grass Fed milk supply.

This Meadow Fresh product is accredited by NZ Fernmark (License number: 100550). The Fernmark license is a formal government recognition of the connection Meadow Fresh products have to New Zealand.

Nz Full

Pasture-Raised Cows

New Zealand’s temperate climate with an average of over 2000 sunshine hours a year, typically allows for an outdoor pasture-based dairy farming system

The Meadow Fresh milk supply comes from cows who have access to graze freely outside on pasture farms across New Zealand for at least 90% of their non milking time.

Perennial rye grass varietals, along with clover and other plant forage are common within New Zealand pasture-based farming systems.

Grass Fed Milk Supply

The cows consume natural grass as their *dominant feed source.

Grass can be in the form of fresh grass, grass silage, hay and a range of forage crops (such as legumes and brassicas).

*To ensure the cows receive adequate nutrition, supplementary feeding may be required.

MF Farm

Supply Chain

There are systems in place throughout Meadow Fresh's supply chain to ensure that each pack of milk meets high standards of safety and quality. 

Select any part of the supply chain to view the verified activities and assurances at each step.

The Farm 

Farm Assurances 

Farms operate under a Risk Management Program (RMP) approved by the NZ Government. There are regular independent farm audits undertaken on every farm to ensure animal health, safety and environmental requirements are being met.

  • This product is made from a milk pool that is certified by AsureQuality, a JAS-ANZ accredited body, against a supplier’s grass and pasture fed standard.
  • Health checks and tests are regularly undertaken on cows and their milk.
  • Milk is cooled immediately, with records kept of temperature and volumes.
  • Milk is kept chilled awaiting collection.
  • Milk is collected from the farm using refrigerated tanker trucks and transported to the factory.
  • Tankers have an automatic computer controlled milk sampling system on board.
  • Milk is tested for harmful bacteria, chemical residues and contaminants at a recognised laboratory.

Milk is not collected if the temperature, colour or quality is not to the specification.

The Factory 

The Milk is transported from farms to the processing factory in Christchurch. The Factory processes are regularly audited to ensure their Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements are being met.

Factory Assurances  

  • Samples of milk are tested to ensure quality and safety prior to further processing.
  • The fresh milk is sterilised by heating and immediately cooled.
  • The milk is packaged under sterile conditions into individual packs and coded for traceability.
  • The milk is tested using both in-house (factory) and external accredited laboratories to ensure compliance.
  • Once all laboratory tests are completed and passed, New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries issues a health certificate, making it eligible for export.
  • All products are stacked in pallet sized units, stretch wrapped and barcoded for traceability.
  • The product is loaded into a shipping container, which is then locked.
  • A numbered Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) seal is applied to the container.

The container is loaded onto an approved vehicle for delivery to the wharf.


Transport Assurances 

The transport company that makes this delivery must have a current New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries Risk Management Program before it can freight any dairy products, as per the Animal Products Act, 1999.

The transport company is audited regularly by accredited personnel to ensure that standards are being met and maintained.

 The approved shipping company receive the containers at the wharf and prepare the shipment.


The shipping company ensure that the products are accompanied by all EAD (export accompanied documents) that is required by the importing country, including:

  • Customs documents
  • Health certificates
  • Certificates of analysis 
  • Other documents required by the importing country must be completed and approved before it can be loaded on-board

The product is transported to China and checked by China Customs on arrival. China Customs check all import documentation to confirm that requirements have been met, and may test the product again prior to releasing it into the country.

 Once cleared, the product is transported to the distribution warehouse.


The products arrive at the warehouse, where they are managed using barcoding and traceability systems. No product leaves the warehouse until it receives a final quality check.

Product is distributed to individual shops, supermarkets and other customers.

Retailers ensure that the product is fresh by using good stock rotation and checking best before dates before product is available to consumers.

The Farms

The farms ensure the milk is produced in compliance with New Zealand’s Resource Management Act (2009) and local council Resource Management plans which determine the rules and regulations to sustainably care for the New Zealand environment.


Meadow Fresh is committed to taking practical actions towards making their dairy products more sustainable. They have a company goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040.

The factory that produces and packs this product uses 100% renewable electricity.

Animal Welfare

New Zealand farming conditions ensures that milk is produced from cows that are free to roam on paddocks.

The farms supplying milk must comply with the requirements New Zealand Animal Welfare Act 1999, which is governed by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The standards require animals to be allowed the following five freedoms:

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from distress
  • Freedom from illness or injury
  • Freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour
MF Farm

Ultrafiltration Technology

Meadow Fresh uses advanced dairy industry ultrafiltration technology to concentrate the raw milk. This ensures the level of protein achieves 6.0g per 100mL consistently year-round.

Laboratory Testing

Meadow Fresh milk is tested for safety and quality at each step, from the raw milk on farm before pick up through to the final product.

The milk is tested for contaminants, harmful bacteria, and nutritional components to ensure compliance of the final product.


New Zealand has acts and regulations in place to ensure all dairy products produced are safe for consumers.

The farms supplying the fresh milk for this product are independently audited annually by an accredited organisation.

The factory environment, processes and records are routinely audited by an independent accredited organisation to verify the factory is upholding the requirements of their Risk Management Program (RMP).

High in protein, 6.0g/100mL

High in calcium

No added preservatives

Nutritional Information

Items per 100mL NRV %
Energy  328kJ 4%
Protein 6.0g 10%
Fat 4.0g 7%
Carbohydrate 4.6g 2%
Sodium 40mg 2%
Calcium 190mg 24%

Messages from Meadow Fresh

Meadow Fresh Logo


Here at Meadow Fresh, we have been making great dairy products in New Zealand for over 50 years. Our story dates back to a small group of farmers from the open plains of Canterbury, in the South Island of New Zealand, an area known for its lush green pastures.

Our values from 1954 still hold strong today – keeping New Zealand families, and families across the world, healthy and happy. We do this by creating milk which is filled with delicious goodness, acting as a source of protein and a good source of calcium.

Our milk is smooth and creamy, with a rich and full-bodied flavour.

MF Farm Horizon

We strive to create nutritious and great tasting products which is why our milk is sourced from grass-fed, free range cows that roam freely outdoors across paddocks, grazing on fresh grass all year round. Meadow Fresh continues to be one of the best-selling milk brands locally in New Zealand, and that’s because we know what makes Meadow Fresh so special – clean air, nutrient-rich grasslands, and years of expert knowledge.

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Despite our global scale today, we care just as much about every drop as we did, back in the days when it was just a local New Zealander’s trusted milk brand. For us, its all about quality, consistency, and our love for dairy. We are passionate about what we do - get families closer to simple dairy goodness every day.

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