Meeting the needs of the modern consumer

The modern shopper has an unprecedented appetite to learn more about what goes into their food, how it was made, as well as the environmental and socio-economic impacts of their purchase. In a crowded market place laden with unsubstantiated self-claims, shoppers can find it difficult to determine which product satisfies their needs and aligns with their values.
Provide your customers with product transparency and trusted verification with AsureQuality Assurance Marks. Our AQ Assured and AQ Certified Marks are designed to be displayed on-pack for quick recognition when shoppers are making their decisions in-store and online.

Why AsureQuality Assurance Marks?

  • A distinctive, easily identifiable assurance mark from state-owned AsureQuality
  • Independent assessment and verification, fostering consumer trust
  • 100+ years of experience supporting the food and primary industry 


To be a partnered brand, an application for each of your products is required, followed by an independent assessment by our industry and technical experts.
The assessment time frame and requirements will be dependent on the Assurance Mark applied for, supply chain complexities and other sector specific conditions.

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