Taupo Pure - Premium Whole Milk Powder (400g)

经AQ Assured验证的产品特性

  • 新西兰制造
  • 无色素添加
  • 无人造香料

This product is made in New Zealand with milk sourced from the Taupo region.

The Taupo township is located in the centre of the country’s North Island, next to Australasia’s largest fresh water lake, Lake Taupo, Tongariro National Park and Pureora Forest Park.

The milk used in the creation of Taupo Pure Premium Whole Milk Powder is sourced from pastural dairy farms in the region and processed into powder form in Taupo Pure’s factory.

map taupo

Resource Management Act (2009)

Farms that supply to Taupo Pure must comply with New Zealand’s local council’s Resource Management Act (2009), which sets out rules and regulations around management of the New Zealand environment.

Renewable energy source

Located within the Taupo Volcanic Zone, the area surrounding Taupo Pure’s manufacturing facility is rich in geothermal activity. The plant where Taupo Pure’s Whole Milk Powder is processed utilises geothermally generated electricity, a renewable energy source using heat produced from deep inside the earth’s crust. The greenhouse gas emissions from this method of power generation are much lower than options such as natural gas or oil fuelled alternatives. For more information about geothermal electricity see:

Local dairy farms

Taupo Pure sources raw milk from local farms within an 85 kilometres radius of the factory. This lowers the carbon footprint of its operation compared to seeking milk from farms further afield.

Taupo Pure Region

Animal Welfare 

Farms which supply raw milk to Taupo Pure must care for their dairy cows according to the internationally recognised Five Freedoms standards. These are;

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst, through the adequate provision of nutritious food and clean water.
  • Freedom from discomfort, by providing the cows with resting areas that are suitable for the herd and climate conditions.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease, by regular monitoring of cow health and access to veterinary care where needed.
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour, achieved through adequate provisions of food/water, space to exercise and companionship of other cows.
  • Freedom from fear and distress, by ensuring the staff that care or transport dairy cows are adequately trained and knowledgeable about animal behaviour and ways to reduce stress and anxiety.
Taupo Pure Farms

Employee care and culture

Taupo Pure’s company ethos and Maori cultural heritage promotes employee participation in health and well-being activities. This includes family (whanau) days, nutrition seminars, sports and recreational competitions and an annual welcoming ceremony (Powhiri) for new employees and existing staff members.

Taupo Pure Maori Powhiri

Laboratory Tested for Safety & Quality

Taupo Pure Premium Whole Milk Powder is laboratory tested for safety throughout the production process at independent and accredited laboratories. Testing is undertaken at each step from raw milk collection, during processing into powders, and again upon completion of the final product.

Tests include: harmful bacteria, other contaminants and antibiotics.

This testing regime also ensures all final products meet the nutritional descriptions on their label.

Produced Under New Zealand Government Regulations

New Zealand has Acts and Regulations in place to ensure all dairy products produced are safe for consumers and that manufacturers use fair and sustainable practices. All dairy products must comply with the Animal Products Act, 1999 and all milk suppliers must meet the New Zealand Animal Welfare standards.

These regulations include:

  • No hormones or growth promotants are permitted
  • All food safety hazards must be controlled using Codex based HACCP principles
  • All chemicals used on a manufacturing site must be approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Hygiene standards for facilities, equipment and people must be met
  • That all producers, manufacturers, transporters, packing and storage facilities operate a Risk Management Programme

Meets Overseas Market Access Requirements

Taupo Pure Premium Whole Milk Powder meets the market access requirements of the countries to which it exports.


Farms supplying raw milk are audited to New Zealand and Taupo Pure dairy farm standards by independent and personnel working for accredited organizations.

Taupo Pure's manufacturing environment, processes and records are routinely audited in order to verify the requirements of Risk Management Programme (RMP), and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP). There are also unannounced audits conducted randomly to ensure compliance.

Taupo Pure Premium Whole Milk Powder

Taupo Pure Premium Whole Milk Powder is nutritionally analysed at an accredited independent laboratory. No artificial sweeteners, sugar, flavouring or colouring are added to the product.

The product contains natural protein and calcium, with added Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.

Each 400g bag of Taupo Pure Premium Whole Milk Powder makes 3L of prepared milk.

400g NIP WMP