Lewis Road Creamery - Pure Whole Milk

经AQ Assured验证的产品特性

  • 100%纯新西兰牛奶
  • Certified Grass-Fed Cows
  • Permeate free
  • Good source of Calcium
  • 超高温巴氏杀菌(UHT)
  • 不含防腐剂
  • NZ Origin Assured via Oritain

This product is produced in New Zealand.

Fresh milk is sourced from cows located on dairy farms in New Zealand. 


Lewis Road Creamery is certified and licensed by NZ Fernmark ( License number: NZFM100177 ). The Fernmark license is a formal government recognition of Lewis Road Creamery's connection to New Zealand.

Supply Chain

There are systems in place throughout Lewis Road Creamery's supply chain to ensure that each bottle of milk meets high standards of safety and quality.


Step 3     牧场保障措施

• 对所有牧场进行风险管理计划第三方审核(由AsureQuality执行)
• 定期对奶牛进行健康检查,并对牛奶进行检测。
• 任何染病或不健康的动物都将被隔离,且停止供奶,直至恢复健康。
• 挤奶过程用水都经过有资质的实验室检测以确保安全性。
• 在指定的实验室检测牛奶是否含有有害细菌、化学残留物和污染物。
• 牛奶直接冷却至4-7摄氏度并在牧场储存不超过一天以保持新鲜。
• 冷藏奶罐车每日从牧场接收原奶并运至工厂。
• 所有奶罐车上配有自动的电脑控制牛奶取样系统。

In Sight Arrows Fast Forward 2 只有温度、颜色或味道达到最高标准,牛奶才会被接收。


牛奶从牧场运至牛奶加工厂。工厂在新西兰初级产业部 (MPI)和中国国家认证认可监督管理委员会 (认监委,CNCA) 注册。

Step 3


• 牛奶一到工厂即进行抽样并在卸载完成之前检测。
• 牛奶通过高温加热到138˚C杀菌,按照食品法进行均质化处理。
• 在牛奶加工过程中抽样检测以确保奶制品的高质量标准
• 工厂流程受国有机构AsureQuality定期审核以确保达到风险管理计划的要求。
• 灭菌的牛奶用独立纸盒(每分钟400个)包装
• 所有产品单元都独立编码,注明日期、时间、生产线号和齿号以供追溯。
• AsureQuality具有资质的实验室对最终产品进行检测。
• 一旦完成并通过所有实验室检测,新西兰初级产业部发放健康证,则产品可供出口 。
• 任何产品离开工厂前必须获得健康证。
• 所有产品被堆积成集装架单元,缠紧包裹并贴上条码以供追查。
• 产品装入集装箱然后上锁。
• 集装箱上贴上有编号的初级产业部封条。

In Sight Arrows Fast Forward 2  集装箱由专门车辆运至码头。



Step 3 运输保障措施


In Sight Arrows Fast Forward 2 经核准的海运公司在码头接收集装箱并准备运输。



• 海关文件
• 健康证
• 检测证明
• 进口国要求的其他文件必须在装船前完成并核准


In Sight Arrows Fast Forward 2




• 产品打包装入运货卡车配送至零售商店、超市和其他客户。

  • 零售商通过使用良好的库存周转确保产品新鲜,并在向消费者销售产品前检查保质期。
  • 消费者可以扫描AQ Assured™ 品牌和二维码以了解产品供应链中所采取的质量安全措施。

The Farms

The farms ensure that milk is produced in compliance with New Zealand's Resource Management Act (2009) and all environmental regulations prescribed by New Zealand's Regional Councils.

Farms supplying the milk are committed to operating in a sustainable way through the Sustainable Dairying Water Accord (SDWA) , this initiative is a set of national good management practices aimed at lifting environmental performance on dairy farms to improve efficiency of water and nutrient use and effluent management.

LRC calves

Million Metre Streams

Lewis Road Creamery are members of the Sustainable Business Network and are committed to helping the industry plan for a sustainable future. 

Lewis Road Creamery support the Million Metre Streams Initiative and have a project underway that will see Lewis Road plant over 7,000 native trees and plants along a river in New Zealand which will help improve water quality and enhance biodiversity.



Lewis Road Creamery is committed to sustainability. They have signed the New Zealand Packaging Declaration where they are committed to 100% of all their packaging being recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. 

The bottles this milk comes in is made from PET plastic which can be recycled.

Animal Welfare 

Farms who supply their milk to Lewis Road Creamery comply with the New Zealand Animal Welfare Standards (The Animal Welfare Act 1999) governed by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The standards mandate the following as basic conditions all animals must be cared under;

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress

The Ministry for Primary Industries regularly monitor compliance to these standards.

 LRC calves

Employee Care and Culture

Lewis Road is a small team, of 25 people. Their approach to production, sees the company outsourcing but with complete oversight of the manufacturing. This allows the team to multi task, remain flexible and innovate quickly.

The team is encouraged to participate in team sports days, regular inspiration sessions and new product tastings.

Laboratory Testing

Lewis Road Creamery Strawberry Milk is tested for safety and quality at each step, from the raw milk collection on farm through to the final product.

Laboratory tests include:

  • Harmful bacteria
  • Contaminants
  • Analytical components

The final product is tested to ensure compliance.


All farms supplying fresh milk for this Lewis Road Creamery Milk are independently audited annually by an accredited organisation. Additional unannounced audits may also be conducted by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI),
The factory environment, processes and records are routinely audited to verify the requirements of dairy factory's Risk Management Programme (RMP).

Produced under New Zealand Government Regulations

New Zealand has Acts and Regulations in place to ensure all dairy products produced are safe for consumers. All milk suppliers must meet the New Zealand Animal Welfare standards and all dairy products must comply with the Animal Products Act, 1999.
All producers, manufacturers, transporters, packing and storage facilities operate under a Risk Management Programme which is independently audited.


Lewis Road Creamery Pure Whole Milk has been scientifically tested and certified by Oritain meaning that the milk can be verified to ensure integrity and origin.

Each individual bottle is uniquely coded to provide consumers with product information and assurance of product authenticity.

silk image whole

Made using 100% pure  New Zealand whole milk.

Certified grass fed, free range cows.

Permeate free.

Contains all natural ingredients.

A good source of calcium.

Ultra heat pasteurised.

No added preservatives.

250mL bottle.

Whole Milk NIP

来自Lewis Road Creamery的消息


Our pure whole milk is sourced from New Zealand cows which get to graze outdoors on a diet of fresh green grass all year round.

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We are dedicated to providing the best dairy products at a level of quality we know you deserve. Our New Zealand whole milk is sourced from grass-fed, free range farms in the central North Island of New Zealand. Not only does it taste good, it is a source of protein and a good source of calcium.

LRC calves

Our grass-fed cows produce a rich & creamy milk with a full-bodied flavour that we’re quite sure you’ll love.

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Welcome to the Lewis Road Creamery kitchen where everything we make is made the way it’s meant to be. Our head office isn’t built around a boardroom table or a reception desk. Its main feature is its kitchen. There you’ll find there’s always some new idea simmering away on the stove, or being whisked together on the bench. And if it’s good enough, one day that same idea will make it onto your kitchen bench as well.


We hope you get a taste for the very best New Zealand has to offer.