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Company Information

Address: Tenda Nutritional Foods Limited 120 Hugo Johnston Dr PO Box 12 772 Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand


Tenda Kids Snacks are processed and packaged in New Zealand

Safety QualitySafety & Quality

The fruit and vegetables in Tenda Kids Snacks are produced under a current Food Safety Programme that is approved by the New Zealand government’s Ministry for Primary Industries.

Made under strict New Zealand Government regulations.

Tenda fruit and vegetable flakes are produced using Ultra Rapid Concentration, or URC®. This supports the raw ingredients to maintain their flavour, colour and natural characteristics.

Laboratory tested for safety throughout the production process at an independent and accredited laboratory.


No added colours, flavours, sugars or preservatives.

Manufacturing process strictly regulated by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).


Enviro-Mark Certified

Tenda is Enviro-Mark certified. This means it has an independently audited environmental management system focussed on preventing pollution, minimising waste, and ensuring the safe treatment and disposal of any waste.