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Taupo Pure is a brand of Miraka Ltd, a privately owned dairy company based in the Taupo region of New Zealand.

Miraka is owned by a group of Māori trusts and incorporations. With factory and facilities located in Mokai, the company uses renewable thermal energy to power the production of Taupo Pure dairy products. Such initiatives are important for the company not only in ensuing sustainable operational practices but also to fulfil their role in the Maori traditions as kaitiaki - guardians of the sky, sea and land.

As a major dairy producer in New Zealand, Miraka processes 300,000,000 litres of milk into powders and produces 60 million litres of UHT products every year in their purpose built facility.

Contact information
108 Tuwharetoa Street, Taupo, New Zealand
PO BOX 740, Taupo 3351, New Zealand

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