inSight has now changed to AQ Assured

Updated 08/02/18 

Welcome to our new website for Assurance Marks

Since 2014, AsureQuality has partnered with selected food brands to provide supply chain transparency information direct to consumers with the use of QR codes.
As global food supply chains become increasingly diversified, AsureQuality is able to offer independent verification of how our partners’ products are made. Our checks and online access to nutritional information, food safety and quality within the manufacturing processes, and environmental and social ethical responsibilities, have made it easier for shoppers to make informed decisions about the products they are buying.

As AsureQuality continues to provide independent verification of supply chains, we have listened to feedback from our customers about the design of our mark and brand name. We understand the importance of having a mark that is easily identifiable, distinctive and relatable to our core branding as experts in food assurance. 

Introducing AQ Assured

Aq Assured Marks Web Image

Working with our customers, AsureQuality has introduced AQ Assured Transparency Programme as the new name for inSight. Nothing else has changed; all expert supply chain assessment requirements remain the same. Our new look incorporates elements from our corporate logo, as seen in the ‘AQ Leaf’ that is central to the mark design. With our new brand and visual identity, we have taken the first step in the process of streamlining our consumer facing marks. 

What’s next?

Starting from today, our partners will be progressively transitioning to the new logo on pack. As product packaging cycles can take an extended period of time to complete, there will be brands that are using either the inSight or AQ Assured mark on their products, and we expect to see both marks present in the market for the next 12 months. 

Our new site has also been designed to reflect the brand change and new look. The QR code system on both new and existing marks will continue to function and consumers can access our verified information at any time.

We look forward to continuing AsureQuality’s role in providing independently verified supply chain information and transparency, and helping consumers to make informed choices.

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