How well do you know your food?

With an increasingly complex global food supply chain, it can be difficult to understand what is in your food, and how it was made. Does the product really meet the claims it makes and is the brand story based on facts or fiction?

To help you understand more about the food and drinks you buy, AsureQuality has launched our new Assurance Marks range to provide an independent verification you can trust. 

What is an Assurance Mark?

An AsureQuality Assurance Mark is an on-pack symbol that distinguishes and identifies a product as having been verified by our industry experts. When you see our Mark on food or beverage packaging, you can trust that the product claims and attributes have been independently assessed and are substantiated. 

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AQ Certified 

Specific product claims and the system it is based on, have been verified by our team of industry experts. The process involved can differ for each certified mark depending on the industry and the specific certified claim area. 

How To Apply For Aq Certified

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AQ Assured

Verified holistic supply chain information covering multiple aspects of the product, from ingredient origin, to manufacturing standards and distribution. 
How To Apply For Aq Assured

These marks are accompanied by a QR code, which when scanned by your mobile phone, will direct you to each product’s information page, allowing you instant access in-store and on the go. These information pages are also available on this website, click the link below to view the complete list of verified products.

AQ Assured Verified Products